Botox Injection Training in Los Angeles

botox points - los angeles coursePhysicians are always looking for ways to enhance their services and maximize revenue. Adding Botox injections can increase that revenue and your patient base at the same time. Cosmetic injectables can be a steady and profitable source of income.


Botox is just one of a number of injectables that can be added to your patient services menu. Though Botox is most notably known for cosmetic benefits, research is demonstrating that it can be used for a number of medical conditions.

Migraines and excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) have been successfully treated for years with Botox. There have been great strides made with the application of it in cases of pericranial muscle spasms, TMD and depression.

The cosmetic benefits of Botox include reduction of crow’s feet and forehead lines. Each filler/injectable has its own “best” uses and by offering not only Botox, but other products such as Restylane, Juvederm and Voluma.


If lack of experience is holding you back from offering injectables and you feel it is out of your scope of practice, you should consider participating in an exciting and comprehensive course offered by Dentox.

Dentox and Dr. Howard Katz offered the most innovative Botox training available in Los Angeles. Attendees have the option of working with “live” models or, for those who are unlicensed in California, there are simulated skin/face models.

Dr. Katz is one of the foremost experts on Botox for therapeutic uses. He has developed protocols for Botox that have been licensed with Allergan, the makers of Botox. By having Dr. Katz train you, you are receiving instruction and expertise directly from a man who is considered a pioneer in Botox research and development.


The course covers such things as consultation, selection of injection sites, dealing with and minimizing adverse reactions and how to combine aesthetic treatments for maximum effect.

In addition to the clinical side, the course will advise you on how to bill (and get paid) for Botox services, documentation concerns, and malpractice insurance coverage considerations.

You will also be instructed on methods to reduce wasted materials which could potentially save you thousands of dollars a year. Dentox has thought of everything and no other course in the area comes close to the amount and scope of information offered in this Botox training module.

Countless practitioners have already benefited from attending this Botox training in Los Angeles. Don’t delay – if you are considering adding injectables in your practice, call the experts and arrange for your attendance in the next available course.

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