Get Toxic Metal Mercury Fillings Removed From Your Mouth Now!

mercury amalgam filling

mercury amalgam filling

You may have heard about people getting their toxic mercury fillings removed but you need more information before you take the plunge. Here’s some of the information you need.

If you have dark or metallic-colored fillings in your mouth, you probably have silver fillings that are 50 percent mercury. This is likely the cause of numerous health problems that result as the mercury leeches from these toxic fillings and is worn away as you chew.

It’s essential to get rid of these fillings , but it’s just as important to have the removal procedure done by a qualified/expert mercury free dentist who knows the right way to do it. You see, mercury can escape during the removal process and do you even more harm. But proper containment procedures can reduce this risk.

Take note that the removal of mercury fillings should not be done during pregnancy or if you expect to get pregnant within six to eight months because the toxic metal released during the removal procedure could possibly get into and remain in your bloodstream, potentially getting into the baby and your breast milk.

If your dentist tries to tell you that the risk from mercury fillings in minimal, get another dentist. Then when doing the procedure, expect the dentist and hygienist and any others in the room to wear masks, rubber gloves and more. They will also put a protective covering over the parts of your mouth not being treated to help prevent mercury from getting into your system and will cover your nose with an oxygen mask in most cases.

The replacement procedure shouldn’t be painful — and you benefit from a new tooth-colored filling that looks much better than the original. What could be better for your looks and your health?

Whatever you do, don’t delay. The sooner you get rid of your mercury fillings, the sooner you can get on with your life.


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