Removing Old Mercury Fillings In San Diego

by Brighton Dental San Diego

San Diego Patient

San Diego Patient

If you’re ready to get the toxic mercury and other metals out of your mouth and start seeing the positive impacts to your overall health, it’s time for removing your mercury fillings and replacing them with composite or another material.

Today’s modern filling materials are made to match the color of your teeth, so they look much better than those old dark metal fillings that so many people had in generations past — even on front teeth where they showed.

But that’s not the main reason for changing them. Those old fillings are 50 percent mercury, and research has proven that mercury is toxic. It doesn’t belong in the human body.

The expense for removing mercury fillings varies depending on how many there are, of course. Replacing a single filling can cost $250 or so depending on the circumstances. For example, single surface fillings cost more than two or three surface fillings. Also, the tooth may have additional decay since the filling was originally put in, meaning the replacement filling may need to be larger. It’s even possible that a porcelain crown or even a bridge may be the best replacement for an old mercury filling when the tooth has significantly decays in the years since it was first put in.

When crowns are necessary, they can cost more than $1,000 each. But keep in mind that there’s no reason to believe that an old mercury filling with have to be replaced with anything other than a similarly sized composite filling unless your dentist tells you there is additional decay or other problems.

For most people who have multiple mercury fillings that need removing, the treatment of each tooth is different. A crown, inlay or bridge may be necessary, but many old fillings can be replaced with similar new ones of safer materials, saving money and freeing you from the concerns about having yet another complicated dental procedure. Whatever the situation, there’s a solution available.

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